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About Aesthetic Laser Rentals

Our mission is to make aesthetic equipment affordable and attainable for Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists and MedSpa owners. Before Aesthetic Laser Rentals was founded in 2021, entrepreneurs in the industry who were looking to create or expand their aesthetic business only had the option to purchase these incredibly expensive machines.

Most business owners struggle with having to spend $100,000+ solely on aesthetic equipment, let alone the additional capital needed for marketing and client retention. In order for an aesthetics business to thrive, these other aspects need to be well funded and are just as important as choosing the correct equipment. Renting benefits an entrepreneur by not requiring them to use all their capital upfront and saves money for other expenses needed to get the business off the ground.

Finally, the resale value for professional aesthetic equipment is similar to what happens when you buy a car. It loses value quickly in the first two years after purchase. This is the amount of time it usually takes an entrepreneur to determine the viability of their new service or business. Renting from ALR allows entrepreneurs the flexibility they need to get started in the high-end aesthetic services business without the fear of having to sell their aesthetic equipment at a steep loss if it does not work out.

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