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Candela GentleMax Pro Plus

Candela’s GentleMax Pro Plus is the most effective hair removal system on the market. The latest evolution in the esteemed Gentle Pro series, GentleMax Pro Plus offers more than ever before.

Full Description

Equipped with larger treatment spots, shorter pulse durations, higher repetition rates, and significantly more energy, GentleMax Pro Plus provides unmatched treatment versatility. The gold standard for dermatologists and patients, GentleMax Pro Plus permanently removes unwanted hair from the body leaving the skin soft, supple, and smooth. 

Faster, more powerful, and more versatile than its predecessor, GentleMax Pro Plus offers features you can count on. By combining the robust 755nm Alexandrite and 1064nm Nd:YAG lasers, GentleMax Pro Plus offers practitioners unmatched flexibility. Dynamic and highly efficient, GentleMax Pro Plus’ dual wavelengths allow for the treatment of all skin types, and go beyond just hair removal. GentleMax Pro Plus utilizes advanced technology to quickly remove benign pigmentation, undesirable vascular lesions, wrinkles, and so much more. No longer do you need multiple lasers to target multiple problem areas—GentleMax Pro Plus does it all. Offering multiple spot sizes, from 1.5mm to 26 mm, GentleMax Pro Plus significantly improves patient satisfaction—and comfort—by reducing treatment time without compromising results.

Patients stay comfortable during treatments and achieve ultimate outcomes with dependable epidermal protection. Candela GentleMax Pro Plus incorporates the Dynamic Cooling Device (DCD) cooling system to protect patients’ skin no matter how fast the laser is fired. The winning combination of treatment success and patient comfort helps achieve every practitioner’s ultimate desire: patient satisfaction.


Experience the power and versatility of GentleMax Pro Plus for yourself.


Target Areas

Face & body

Type of Laser

755nm Alexandrite

  • Highly effective for lighter skin types and thin hairs

  • Efficient option removing hair from larger surface areas for those with skin

  • High pulse repetition rate of up to 5Hz for faster treatment

1064nm ND:Yag

  • Suitable for deeper skin penetration and safer for skin types IV-VI

  • Penetrates the skin to the deepest follicles without thermally damaging

  • The most effective laser for reducing very coarse, thick hair


WAVELENGTHS: 755nm and 1064nm


Treatment Options:

  • Permanent hair reduction

  • Benign pigmented and vascular lesions

  • Diffuse redness and facial vessels

  • Rosacea

  • Spider and leg veins

  • Fine lines and wrinkles

  • Angiomas and hemangiomas

  • Venous lake

  • Port wine stains

  • Nail fungus

  • Telangiectasia

More Information

  • More energy for effective fluences

  • Larger spot size for faster treatments

  • Faster repetition rates for higher throughput

  • Potential 30% reduction in treatment time

  • Shorter pulse duration for finer residual hair

  • Dual wavelengths for all skin type

  • DCD for optimal epidermal protection


GentleMax Pro Plus outshines the competition in every area.




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