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Cutera Secret Pro

Remodel, resurface and rejuvenate the skin with the Secret Pro. Equipped with four treatment options, this versatile platform will transform the skin from the inside out.

Full Description

The Secret Pro is a very versatile system equipped with 3 handpieces, CO2 Fractional Handpiece, RF Microneedling handpiece and the Smart SurgiTM Ablative Handpiece. Easily customizable to your patient’s needs, the Secret Pro successfully treats signs of aging, sun damage, skin quality, scarring and more.

The combination of RF Micro needling and CO2 technology enhance the quality of the skin while promoting collagen reproduction. The RF microneedling provides deep, dermal reproduction while the fractional CO2 laser resurfaces the skin. Together, these clinically proven technologies can treat deep dermal layers of the skin.

Target Areas

Face and body

Type of Laser

CO2 Fractional Handpiece, RF Microneedling handpiece and Smart SurgiTM Ablative Handpiece.


  • Scars

  •  Sun damage

  •  Stretch marks

  • Large pores

  • The general signs of aging

  • Skin quality, texture, and brightness

More Information

Two clinically proven technologies combined under one innovative platform, the Secret Pro successfully targets skin abnormalities and promotes collagen reproduction 

The Secret Pro is designed for deep dermal remodeling while customizing the treatment for the patient’s needs




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