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InMode Triton Duo

InMode Trinton is the world’s first multi-wavelength workstation, combining the three most popular wavelengths in one robust platform. Innovative technology, blended wavelengths, and high power work in harmony to expertly remove hair without compromising treatment parameters.

Full Description

Optimized for hair of any thickness, InMode Triton’s treatments result in touchably smooth, hairless skin for all skin types. Experience high-power hair removal like never before with InMode Triton.

A distinguished multi-wave device, InMode Triton is the ultimate hair removal technology. Alexandrite, Diode, and Nd:YAG lasers combine to efficiently address hair removal at different stages of the hair growth cycle. Utilizing this premiere Fusion technology, InMode Trinton treats problem areas for all skin types.

The InMode Triton workstation features two outstanding technologies: the Triton Duo Light and Triton Duo Dark. Designed to treat a broad range of hairs, Triton Duo Light makes hair removal easy for patients with skin types I to III. Triton Duo Dark maximizes safety and efficacy for patients with skin types up to VI. Plus, all patients stay comfortable with InMode Triton’s exceptional 3P Cooling Technology and large spot size, making treatments pain-free and quick.

InMode Triton provides practitioners with the fastest, safest, most comfortable treatments available. It is time to see this revolutionary technology for yourself.

Target Areas

Face & Body

Additional Uses:

  • Hair removal:

    • Light/dark skin

    • Light/dark hair

    • Fine/coarse/stubborn hair

    • Medium complexion and thickness

    • Large body areas

Type of Laser

Triton Duo Light:

  • 755 nm Alexandrite

  • 810 nm Diode

Triton Duo Dark:

  • 810 nm Diode

  • 1064 nm Diode

  • Nd:YAG



  • 755 nm, 810 nm, 1064

Additional Specs:

  • 3cm2, 4cm2 spot sizes

  • Treats up to 6cm2 per second

More Information

  • Three powerful wavelengths. One robust device.

  • The most reliable, best-in-class laser workstation on the market.

  • Fewer sessions. Greater results.


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