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Sciton ClearHair

The best hair and vascular lesion removal technology on the market, Sciton ClearHair is the gold standard for all skin types. Removal of unwanted pigmentation and hair from patients with tanned skin has never been easier. Covering large areas 4 times faster than other systems, Sciton ClearHair is one of the most efficient hair removal system on the market.

Full Description

Sciton ClearHair offers diverse solutions to effectively remove hair and vascular lesions from all patients with ease. Utilizing the robust 1064 nm wavelength, Sciton ClearHair selectively heats veins and hair follicles to target desired areas and produce wonderful results. An unmatched combination, 1064 nm and Nd:YAG wavelengths ensure treatments are fast and easy. Plus, Sciton ClearHair offers a large area pattern generator (LAPGTM) to uniformly cover all areas on the body. In combination with non-sequential scanning, Sciton ClearHair provides high speed, uniform coverage and optimal results.

Treatments are always comfortable with Sciton ClearHair’s sapphire plate continuous contact cooling technology. Skin temperature is controlled at any treatment speed, minimizing pain and ensuring safety for patients.

Experience fast, comfortable, and versatile treatments with Sciton ClearHair.

Target Areas

Face & Body

Additional Uses:

  • Removal of vascular lesions

Type of Laser

Nd:YAG 1064 mm



  • 1064 mm

Additional Specs:

  • 3, 6 mm spot sizes

  • 30 x 30 mm spot size

More Information

  • Fast treatments. Optimal results.

  • An effective and safe treatment for permanent hair reduction.

  • Cleared by the FDA, Sciton ClearHair is technology you can trust.




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